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Drills and Annual Training
Drills & AT
Bulletin Board

Drill and Annual Training Dates (Subject to Change)

Currently Deployed

HHC 29th Support Battalion
Hawaii Army National Guard
91-1227 Enterprise Avenue
Kapolei, Hawaii  96707
Unit                          (808) 682-6331 or 682-6332
MSG Yano                Email: or

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

NOTE: Job conflicts, overtime, or loss of income are NOT normally considered valid reasons for absence from training. True hardship cases which result from these situations should be noted and supporting documentation such as a note from your employer or a work schedule needs to be provided. Naturally, there will be occasions when illness, injury, or emergencies beyond your control will cause you to miss a scheduled assembly. If this happens, you will need to provide the appropriate documentation (i.e.-a doctor's note, medical profile, etc.)